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Helping Leaders Flourish During Change

Whether the business/work challenge you face is yours alone as a leader, or one that you share with others, sometimes your best solution is to find an experienced and trained professional to come alongside. Wherever you are – the GTA or outside of Ontario in the wider world – Jill Malleck will partner with you, and offer you alternatives and solutions that can accelerate positive change.

Based in the work of Ken Wilber, our integrally-informed approach takes a broad and inclusive stance, working on both vertical and horizontal development, or what we call  “Growing Up” and “Waking Up”. Learn why Jill believes in integral coaching in this short video.

The challenges you’re reading about are all real examples of problems which businesses, corporations and individual clients presented to us.  These case studies give you a taste for how our services can help you and your organization to deal with challenges in a fresh and productive way.

“Now that I’ve been promoted to a more senior leadership role, I’m finding the expectations are different. How do I take what I know and pop it up a level?”

In a six month individual Integral Coaching™ program, we set and met three significant development objectives, giving this leader the confidence and skills to step boldly into the new role. Read more about Epiphany at Work’s Integral Coaching for Leaders.

“My leadership team works hard, but we don’t really get along. How do we change that so we can reach our full potential?”

During a 6 month Integral Team Coaching process, the team learned to see itself in a more objective way. Each member made personal choices of how to step into the collective accountabilities, and together they practiced new behaviours which set a standard for the organization as a whole. Read more about Epiphany at Work’s Integral Coaching for team building.

“Our management training curriculum is solid, but how do we energize leaders so they apply what they learn in the classroom every day on the job?”

In a custom-designed 2-day leadership workshop, participants were reminded of key principles of leadership, and given a chance to interact with each other and experiment with practical applications. Each leader created a personal action plan and shared their commitments publicly. Read more about Epiphany at Work’s Leadership workshop and soft skills training development.

 “Our company survey says employees are not as engaged as they should be. What actions should we take this year to allow that to happen?”

Working alongside the Human Resources department, we conducted focus groups and interviews to determine what the best intervention would be. Having determined priorities, we designed simple and effective actions that leaders could take in their sphere of influence, and we coached them during implementation. Read more about Epiphany at Work’s Change Management Facilitation

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Many of our clients are in the Greater Toronto Area but the beauty of technology and travel options make it easy for us to support clients across Canada and world-wide. Meet some of Epiphany at Work’s Clients.