Jill Malleck, Coach, Facilitator & Advisor | Waterloo, Toronto

You have the smarts to know that something must change.

Work and life provide plenty of insights and epiphanies for those who care to look. And you do. You see the need for change.

  • Maybe it’s you, as you respond to biting, anonymous feedback on your leadership style.
  • Maybe it’s the team – who are embroiled in conflict that distracts from their good work.
  • Maybe it’s the workplace itself, where the values posted on the website seem non-existent in real life.

Move Quickly from Good Intentions to Smart Actions

As a trusted partner, I will bring an experienced, outsider view. I’ll look, listen and learn to diagnose and assess. I will experiment and explore to bring forward options. We will co-create the change plan and detailed, practical implementation steps. You’ll have a

  • do-able plan for sustainable positive change
  • track-to-run-on for personal, team or organizational growth
  • committed, hands-on partner alongside on the journey

I can help you create the change you need so you, your team or your organization will thrive.