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Jill Malleck Integral CoachHelping Leaders Flourish During Change

Whether the business/work challenge you face is yours alone as a leader, or one that you share with others, sometimes your best solution is to find an experienced and trained professional to come alongside. Based in the work of Ken Wilber, our integrally-informed approach takes a broad and inclusive stance, working on both vertical and horizontal development, or what we call  “Growing Up” and “Waking Up”.

Introducing CoachingOurselves – An Additional Approach for Extending Team Capabilities

I’m excited to announce my partnership with CoachingOurselves – a small-group, reflective approach to management development that fits perfectly with my Integral Coaching method for teams. From years of experience, I’ve discovered that teams that learn together become more cohesive and more effective. Contact me to learn more.

Helping Leaders Flourish During Change

I choose to work with leaders and their teams because I have seen how this can make a significant, positive impact in the world. Our work lives are a vehicle to bring our highest potential forward, to create the best of what we dream of, and to engage with others. They can, and should be, a place where we flourish.


Indirect feedback

They told what they think of you – now what?

Jacqui** is a leader who has just received her first 360-degree feedback report. She brings it to our coaching session with a mix of frustration and interest. The 60-page report shows her how her boss, her peers and her direct reports scored her leadership – and it also compares their scores to her own self-assessment. It’s a lot of subjective data and personal commentary – delivered via an objective online process that protects the confidentiality of peers and directs.

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Leaders Fighting Fires

Leaders Fighting Fires: What Darby Did

It’s hard, especially if you are Canadian, to not love the way Darby Allen leads. He’s the fire chief who led the fight against out-of-control wildfires in Alberta, and the one who made a decision to evacuate Fort McMurray. During the crisis, Darby demonstrated calm leadership. As media attention ramped up, he didn’t shirk from the public eye. Most leaders will face a tense situation during their careers. You will be asked to make a decision whose consequences you cannot fully see or control.

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Unrecognizable person standing on doormat

How do you change when your leader changes?

One of the more significant changes we deal with at work is the change in our reporting relationship. Ray is in this position:  The person who hired her (who actively recruited her into this new company) has left – and she now finds herself reporting to a person she doesn’t know, and frankly, didn’t choose to work with.

While disappointed, Ray may not realize she’s in a precarious position. A new leader has to prove their own worth with quick results.

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Attentive Leader

Turn Relentless Focus into Attentiveness

Jody* is a leader on the rise. He’s been promoted twice in the last two years, having proven he can adjust to a growing portfolio and increased demands. By carefully laying out his priorities and staying ruthlessly focused, Jody seems to be thriving when others might drown. So why hire a Coach?

In his 360-degree feedback report, Jody learns that others see his intense focus as rigidity and disinterest. Try to speak to him about something that’s not on his agenda,

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