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Jill Malleck Integral CoachHelping Leaders Flourish During Change

Whether the business/work challenge you face is yours alone as a leader, or one that you share with others, sometimes your best solution is to find an experienced and trained professional to come alongside. Based in the work of Ken Wilber, our integrally-informed approach takes a broad and inclusive stance, working on both vertical and horizontal development, or what we call  “Growing Up” and “Waking Up”.

Introducing CoachingOurselves – An Additional Approach for Extending Team Capabilities

I’m excited to announce my partnership with CoachingOurselves – a small-group, reflective approach to management development that fits perfectly with my Integral Coaching method for teams. From years of experience, I’ve discovered that teams that learn together become more cohesive and more effective. Contact me to learn more.

Helping Leaders Flourish During Change

I choose to work with leaders and their teams because I have seen how this can make a significant, positive impact in the world. Our work lives are a vehicle to bring our highest potential forward, to create the best of what we dream of, and to engage with others. They can, and should be, a place where we flourish.


Widen your perspective: Take Puppy Breaks

Here’s what happened when I babysat a puppy lately. First, I learned to get my electric cords off the floor or risk them chewed right through! But the real lesson was in setting an alarm so I could take him outside.

Each hour my alarm sent me outside with the puppy for a few minutes. I didn’t take my phone because I had to watch to see if he “did his business”.

Here’s what I noticed:

  • The hours went by fast and soon I worked a little harder to be productive before the next alarm went
  • I sometimes stayed outside longer than puppy needed to – appreciating the fresh air and change of scenery
  • I stood more and sat less,

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Leaders Giving Way: Part II

Just as I’m thinking about leaders who “give and take” I read two news items back-to-back which illustrate different styles of leadership response to being challenged. In the first, President Trump’s Press Secretary announces that those federal employees (diplomats) who disagree with their boss’s immigration policies should “either get with the program or they can go”. In the second article, a gathering of First Nation chiefs listen to an impassioned speech from a young advocate in their community – and then they change their meeting agenda to discuss the issue she has presented.

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Leaders Giving Way Part I

Sitting in traffic I’m amazed at how few drivers let others in. It’s rush hour, I know, and we all want to get home. Then I start to notice other small ways that we don’t yield. Keeping our place in line when the person behind us has one item. Hoping no one stops the elevator on our way down. Impatience with servers who are busy with other customers. Checking our phone when someone is talking to us. Our collective self-absorption is a bad habit.

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Put Purpose First

“Eat the frog first” is a time management concept inspired by Mark Twain and made popular by author Brian Tracy. The idea is to do your worst task – the thing you are most dreading – first, and get it done. The rest of your day looks easy by comparison.

My clients and I want to try something different. I love dessert and sometimes eat it before my meal. What about starting your day – or your week if that’s more practical – with time spent on what you love?

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