Almost 50 and still learning how to cook

I love to cook and especially at Christmas. We always make a turkey dinner – with all the trimmings. Look Cooking Bags are the best way to bake the turkey. But what did I learn this year? It’s about the gizzards (or giblets as cookbooks call them).

Growing up my Mom always pan fried the heart and liver and neck and whatever from the turkey, and she and my brothers would eat them. In the past I have thrown them in the roasting pan and my masculine hubby has devoured them too. Some years, I just toss them. This year I learned what most cooks do with them. Throw them in a saucepan of water and simmer for an hour while the bird bakes. Voila – stock for the gravy. Brilliant. I always add water to the turkey drippings (in the Look Bag) anyway. Chicken stock is too salty. This was awesome.

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