Another PIN? Give me a break.

Guess you probably know that the new credit cards have chip technology, and require the user to type in a PIN number at the counter. I understand the need for security, but I’d like to see us asking retail salespeople to check the signature and another piece of photo idea. Seems to me not too much to ask. Instead, we’re going to put another PIN associated with the card.

Last time I checked, the population was aging. That means the baby boomers (including me) are finding it harder to remember where we put the keys. I already have several passwords, several PIN numbers, several security questions on record (what happens when I forget my Mother’s maiden name?) Add the pressure of noisy retail, a line up behind you, and see how often people are going to forget their PIN. Unless of course we set every single one to the same number – which isn’t very secure either, is it? And of course, some passwords require a minimum of 6 characters, some 8. I say photo id is the way. It’s good enough for passports, it should be good enough for shopping.

One thought on “Another PIN? Give me a break.

  1. And with the passing of the older population there seems to be an increased lack of interest, among the younger one, in human interaction. One of the things I loved about working in retail when I was a kid was the interaction with all the different customers. I really enjoyed being of service and getting it right. Is complaining about the younger generation or the current times being crotchety? Is it just demanding a standard with which we are more comfortable?

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