Jill Malleck

Work From Home Distracted? Two tips for focus

Working from home is not easy. This sudden forced WFH has created havoc for many of us. The distractions are so real. External distractions (children, pets, roommates, laundry and other chores, homeschooling) and Internal Distractions (rolling waves of anxiety and uncertainty, worry about money and family members).  I hope you have found some strategies that work for you, and that you continue to be compassionate about not being perfect or having things go perfectly.

Here are two things I have done.

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High quality connections require you to find the Goldilocks Zone

I’m talking with leaders these days about how best to approach people. It’s a mystery for some why they can work effectively, almost effortlessly, with certain members of their team but feel misaligned with others. It’s tempting when this happens to say: “it’s them, not me” and to just shrug it off as having different personalities or styles. Unfortunately, OD research shows that, within a team, it’s natural for a leader to have an in-group and out-group. Conscious leaders want to overcome their bias toward and against people and they want to have healthy and productive relationships with everyone.

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Group Coaching is an ARIA

I’m facilitating a Coaching Circle – a really diverse group of leaders from different industries and with varied responsibilities. We are talking about how leaders build strong relationships with others. One person in the group uses the new framework with a difficult peer, another in a team meeting, another with their boss, another with their teenager. Suddenly, something that is interesting on the page becomes tangible and real. We feel commonality in our leadership journey.

I love group coaching.

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Adaptive Leaders are best for Everyone

Most leaders, if they choose to, will admit that they get along better with some people on their team. True for all of us human beings. The good leaders I coach feel a responsibility to change that. They want to ensure the people with whom they “just click” aren’t privileged by it. They want to be fair. Rather than ask others to bend to suit their nature, good leaders know they need to adapt and respond to each person. Just as they adapt to changing market and industry conditions,

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DisruptHR Waterloo

DisruptHR plans events around the globe. DisruptHR organizers say,” if you are an HR professional, a CEO, a technologist, or a community leader – and you’ve got something to say about talent, culture or technology – Disrupt is the place.”

DisruptHR events feature 14 speakers, 5 minutes each, and slides rotate every 15 seconds. The concept: Teach us something, but make it quick.

I was thrilled to share my views on ethical ways to engage with employees at the 3rd annual DisruptHR.

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