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I write about practical ways leaders and team members can be more effective in the workplace. This blog is a reflection of my experience as an Executive Coach, Integral Coach (for leadership and team building), Change Management Facilitator and Consultant with Epiphany at Work. I hope that you will find challenge and inspiration here. And, I'd love you to leave a comment. ~Jill

Put Purpose First

“Eat the frog first” is a time management concept inspired by Mark Twain and made popular by author Brian Tracy. The idea is to do your worst task – the thing you are most dreading – first, and get it done. The rest of your day looks easy by comparison.

My clients and I want to try something different. I love dessert and sometimes eat it before my meal. What about starting your day – or your week if that’s more practical – with time spent on what you love?

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Build Your Self-Confidence as an Anchor during Change

The Leaders I coach are working on something significant and personal. First, they learn to see their current behaviours and the impacts. But that’s not the hardest part. After self-awareness comes action – so we plot the changes they will make.  Do this, instead of that. Say this when you might have been silent. Surprise others. And they set out to change, where sometimes, all hell breaks loose.

I’ve seen that it takes enormous self-confidence to make lasting personal change.

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Self-Improvement that doesn’t hurt: Explore Options with others

Professional and personal development is work, so let’s not pretend it just happens. Many advise that the way to self-improvement is to gather feedback – to put ourselves out there in a vulnerable and humble kind of way. Some workplaces are shooting for a candid culture where everyone tells everyone, all the time, how they are doing. What’s wrong with that? Well it can get a little tiring – for the giver and the receiver. We human beings tend to focus more on the gaps and what’s wrong than what’s good or even okay.

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New New Years Resolutions

We’ve all read the dismal statistics on the failure rate of keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. Want a change? Here’s some suggestions:

1. Create a New Habit for 2017: A habit must have these elements to be sustainable – be a specific actionable behaviour that you can fit into your every day life. A good way to build a new habit is to replace an old habit, and to use the “I used to do this” moment as the trigger to do the new behaviour.

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Everyday Recognition Matters Most

As we near year-end many leaders are thinking about how to recognize their employees. While special gestures are always a good idea, leaders would do well to think about how much they recognize contributions every day.

To “have a good boss” means different things to every one. One person wants to be left alone and given more autonomy. Another wants to be involved in higher-level meetings and decisions – to be mentored and learn from their boss.

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