Canadian Social Values: What category are you

I started to have blog withdrawal today, after being away from Bluestocking for several weeks. However, a vacation without technology is a beautiful thing – especially near Lake Huron.

This week I’m at the IODA conference in Sun Peaks, British Columbia. While here I was invited to participate on-line with a study by Environics Research, to discover what category of “social values” I fall into. Check out the study at the Environics website.

After answering questions (and I loved the pop-up window in the survey that asked me ‘did you hesitate when you answered this question’) I came out as a Connected Enthusiast. This meshes with my ennegram type (7) the Enthusiast, and agrees with my Integral Coaching self-assessment that puts me in the bottom left quadrant of K. Wilbur’s model – the “we” or “Community” space. Apparently I fall in with just 6% of the Canadian population, and 15% of babyboomers.

It also puts me in the company of people like Madonna, who I both despise and admire.

In Friday’s session I’ll learn more about my ‘type” so stay tuned.

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  1. I like this stuff too and I’m going to check it out. Thanks. Funny you should mention Madonna–I identify with her in this way: Do people pay $300-$500 to go to a Madonna concert? I may be more popular!

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