Career Management

Is Retaining Millennials Possible ?

Employee turnover is the greatest issue facing HR I read today. Leaders say, forget retention, millennials are on the move, they don’t want to stay for more than a few years, we must expect that. The people under 40 that I know say: We don’t want to move all the time, we have no choice. Because we are told it’s a great place to work and then realize it’s a sweatshop. Because the pay isn’t there. Because the flat structures mean there are no opportunities offered to us.

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Running to build leadership confidence

Use Memory to Boost Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can be a game-changer for leaders, and so it comes up in Coaching. Followers expect to work with self-assured leaders. Confidence is different than a “know-it-all” attitude: It’s more about feeling strong in your abilities. In every workplace, it’s not just about what you know that demonstrates leadership –  it’s how confidently you lead when you don’t know.

For example, M. has taken on a new job, after being downsized from a 20-year career in a completely different industry.

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In Praise of Powerful Admin Assistants

The leaders that I coach have much self-confidence, a keen sense of urgency and an “I can do it” attitude. Just what you want in a leader. But look at what senior leaders are doing at work.  How are their 14 hour days unfolding – in front of their calendars or the photocopier or in conversations with clients, employees and stockholders? Smart leaders must ensure they don’t get entangled in daily operating routines which distract from their most important strategic value-add work.

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