Change Management

Personal Change: Why it’s good to be hungry.

 It’s spring – finally – in my part of the world, and like many Canadians I begin to think about beach season and dropping a few pounds. I just want to feel lighter, you know? Like my coaching clients, I am trying to make a change. In this post, I talk about how any topic we explore for change can increase our self-awareness and consciousness at many levels.

Here’s what I have been noticing as I become conscious of my eating habits…I don’t like to be hungry. 

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Don’t miss anything in your Change Plan

by Jill Malleck and Meg Salter, Integral Master Coachesä

Ask 12 people what’s going on during change and you’ll get a dozen different answers. Researchers know that change within a dynamic human system – our workplaces – is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous;   ” VUCA”!    

Faced with charged words like “volatile” many project managers hunker down and pay close attention to the concreteness of their deliverables. Anything that can’t be scoped out, and assigned, is best ignored.

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Increase Action by Clarifying Authority not Mandates

Clarify Authority not Mandates

One of the most pressing concerns in the workplace is confusion over who does what.  When this is unclear, turf battles erupt and onlookers can be paralyzed into inaction. Some will blame their confusion about accountabilities on the speed of change – although I have yet to see a job change or promotion happen overnight. It may be that the call for clarity is often met with continuous circular discussions. Eager to be empowering and non-directive tones,

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How much leadership is right during Change?

This month I joined my colleague Meg Salter at a workshop on change management for HRPA members. Several of the attendees had questions about the role of their business leaders during change. Frankly, the challenge for HR professionals is often that leaders are too involved, or are not involved enough, in the change effort. So this month I’m talking about what research says about change leadership and I’ll share some ideas on how to find just the right balance.

Leadership, many would argue,

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How The Future Looks

Lately I have been reading a lot of predictions for 2012. It’s hard not to – everyone from editors to researchers to artists are speculating about trends all over the place. It seems a normal New Year’s diversion – to get ahead of the pack by figuring out what is in store for us. I’ve found that reading an abundance of predictions at once can have quite an impact. For some people it is inspiring and engaging; creating an “I can’t wait to experience that” kind of feeling.

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