Change Management

How Temperaments Face Change

This month I’m thinking about all the various ways that people respond to change and how leaders can best prepare to manage a smooth transition. Whether it’s a new system, a new product, a new organization structure or a new office building, each time you introduce change you’ll see some version of the following four faces of response.  Being inspired by the novel Life of Pi (good summer reading) which featured a hyena, zebra, orangutan and a tiger, I will also use four different animals to describe typical responses to change.

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Top Trends for Leaders to Notice

The inspiration for this month’s Epiphany comes from listening to futurist Anne Lise Kjaer, the closing keynote speaker at this year’s International Coach Federation (ICF) conference. Anne told the delegates about eight key trends to help us understand what is changing in our world. She talked about how the combined impact of these trends will require a different kind of coaching.

I was struck by the similar themes that I read in business and leadership articles. For example, a recent Harvard Business Review’s Working Knowledge had pieces focused on technology,

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This is your Brain on Change

Recently I’ve been paying attention to the brain. Actually, my brain has been paying attention to the brain – which is a great reminder that our cognitive mind can fool us into thinking it is all there is. Of course we humans have other kinds of intelligences – our hearts and our bodies for example. These other ways of knowing often get crowded out by a busy brain that wants to direct our thinking.

 At a coaching conference last week I heard Linda J.

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The logic in tasting success

Recently I saw a notice in a newspaper telling drivers where the next day’s police radar traps would be set up. Have you, like me, wondered why they advertise this stuff? It seems counter-productive. Certainly the advanced warning will make people slow down in those areas. It stands to reason then, that the officers on duty won’t catch any speeders and may be sitting there (our taxpayers’ resources) doing nothing.

On second thought, the logic clicks. The good administrators at the police department have their eyes focused on the solution – not the problem.

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