Personal Development

How to get Unstuck on Something that Matters

As a Coach, I’m most often working with clients on getting unstuck. As a person, I get stuck too. Recently I made headway on something important to me. It was a visceral reminder of the steps that we can take to make progress on even the most difficult changes.

All my life, I’ve wanted to write fiction. As a child, stories had flowed from my hand. Then, for a myriad of reasons (some material, most unconscious) I gave it up.

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If I could coach Elon

Reading The New York Times interview with Elon Musk I wanted to say, Let’s coach. His description of the overwhelming amount of work and responsibility, and its personal cost, sounded achingly familiar to me. Many executives (and leaders at all levels) are struggling to meet the requirements of the job. Sure, some will dismiss his raw vulnerability as whining, especially under the lens of privilege. But I am glad to see the often hidden, dark side of success brought to the surface by such a visible role model.

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Wake-up Pauses: The most important Leadership Habit

Recently I was asked to choose one piece of advice for leaders. Given the complexity of the role, leadership coaching is meant to offer customized support. A good coach meets a leader where they are and keeps a focus on areas where their appetite and interest are strong.

Challenged to choose just one thing, I land on self-awareness. It’s not enough to admit to your strengths and weaknesses. I’m talking about awareness in the moment – your ability to stay awake and operate consciously all day.

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Want Leadership Presence? Inhabit Your Body

I’m coaching several youngish brilliant leaders who are passionate about their work. They suddenly find themselves with a great level of responsibility, sitting across the table from more experienced leaders in high-stakes conversations. To me, their Coach, they express a desire for more leadership presence. “I want people to trust me, to see that I’m solid.”  “I’d like my opinion to be taken seriously and carry weight, while still having fun with the challenges.”

The word presence is a good one.

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Increase Accountability

Holding others accountable. It’s often easier said than done. One executive says she wants to see more accountability, at all levels, in the company and she can’t understand why deadlines are regularly missed. Another leader tells me he is tired of excuses and the blaming that goes round-and-round. Both think that if they hired more accountable folks, the problem would be solved.

What’s the deal? Are we really recruiting people who seem committed, only to have them lose interest once signed on?

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