Generative conversations at work

If you head toward the shoreline of Lake Huron in Bruce County this summer, you’ll notice the quiet and graceful sweep of wind turbines now dotting the landscape. This newer form of energy generation has me thinking about the need for new ways to generate energy and original ideas in the work place.


Perhaps you have noticed that, at work and in general, most people start the day knowing what they know – and end the day the same way.

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Is your team busy enough?

Year-end is typically performance management time in many workplaces. Leaders who are too busy to be in their offices, or those who lead geographically remote teams, often ask me: “How do I know if my team is productive enough?” This is an especially tough question to answer when you aren’t around to observe. Don’t rely on your own ability to estimate how long a job will take – leaders are notorious for setting unrealistic expectations and assigning a 3-day job with a tomorrow deadline.

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Joy and interpersonal relationships

This weekend’s garage sale finds included a dog-earred and musty copy of Will Schutz’s book on Joy. Joy for me, because it is from 1967 (I was a mere baby) and details the thinking behind his interpersonal assessment tool the FIRO-B. I have used the FIRO-B in coaching leaders and it is useful. It describes a propensity to be motivated by one of three needs: Inclusion, Affection or Control. These needs can be key drivers, especially if they are unmet. This book is especially interesting and fun for me, 

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