Client Talk

“My old ways weren’t working very well in my new job.  I experienced a lot of personal growth in six months coaching with Jill, which benefited both my professional and personal areas of life. It is impossible to see your blind spots without this kind of coaching. Be prepared to work harder than you think. Trust Jill and do the homework, and you will be very pleased with the long term results.”

I find Jill’s method and style of Coaching to be unorthodox, stretching and rewarding. What I really appreciated about Jill’s Coaching is that she drew out my strengths and provided me with concrete and practical ways to build on those strengths to develop in other areas that I identified I wanted to improve on.

What I really appreciate about Jill’s Coaching is: Her honest and open approach, her insight and the use of analogies to create a current reality and vision picture to keep me focused on the desired outcome. Also the practical exercises to guide me to discover facts and make decisions for positive changes.

“Working with Jill Malleck helped me to complement my leadership competencies through thoughtful, creative and insightful coaching. Jill leverages significant experience to develop a plan for change that teaches by using engaging exercises. Her ability to coach in a constructive, and yet simple way, allowed me to find the time to focus on development while still performing my every day duties…and people recognized the change! I appreciated the energy, effort and care that Jill demonstrated throughout our coaching sessions.”

“Jill has a unique approach to coaching that allows you to practice new skills, not just talk about them. As a result, my progress is sustainable over the long-term. She also challenged me to dig deeper and get to the root issues. I was able to deal with areas that previously had held me back.”

“I found Jill’s approach to be very effective. She tailored a program specifically for me that was well suited to my needs and as a result we were able to develop some techniques that I use every day!”