Jill Malleck | Integral Master Coach™ for Leaders

Integral Coaching for Leadership

Coaching is a personal, direct way to develop the leadership competencies you need to meet your goals and be successful.

The Integral Coaching™ method is a comprehensive system rooted in solid behavioural science theory and research on how people change and grow.

The Integral Coaching method is robust; informed by the work of Ken Wilber, Daniel Goleman, Robert Kegan and countless others in the field of human development.

The Integral approach aligns with my belief that self-improvement efforts should build on what is already present.

What to Expect from the Integral Approach™ to Leadership Development

As a leader, you can expect to

  • accelerate your vertical and horizontal growth in your most important present leadership competencies
  • receive a fresh perspective and the support you need to try something new
  • learn how to embody the very best that you believe about leadership

Why Leadership Coaching works

Coaching is an especially appropriate strategy for leaders because it empowers them to deal head-on with their challenges, while providing the confidentiality and privacy they need. Many leaders already have years of formal education, training and experience. Coaching allows you to take a razor-sharp focus toward whatever you want to improve. There is no “one size fits all” Integral Coaching program. Once your goals are established you will receive a custom-designed development plan just for you, and I will walk with you through the program so it stays tuned to your world.

What challenges do leaders bring to an Integral Coach™?

Integral Coaches are trained to help you sort out the tangled mess of complex situations and workplace frustrations to hone in on the most critical area of development. The first meeting, called an Intake meeting, is a focussed conversation to draw out your priorities.

Here are some examples of topics that other leaders and I have worked on:

Leading a Team  Organizational  Leadership Personal Development 
Being able to delegate better to others Influencing others Finding work/life balance
Inspiring a group of diverse people Improving personal trust levels Prioritizing and goal setting
Managing conflicts within a team  Being more accessible to others Self-care

How does Integral Coaching™ work?

We meet once every 2 weeks for one hour. Our conversations are completely confidential, and if there is a corporate requirement for progress reports, we provide those together. Some clients want to use assessment tools, or they ask me to gather feedback from others. We can do any of that, or none of that, within the Integral Coaching framework.

I invite you to review my Customized Integral Coaching Packages.

Where We Work

Most of our coaching clients are in Greater Toronto and the Waterloo region. Still, the beauty of the internet has resulted in serving leaders across Canada and in the United States. Read a partial list of Epiphany’s clients here.