Full Span Leadership Coaching for Leaders & Executives

Integral Coaching for Leadership - StandardFor the past 20 years, I have coached leaders who have an appetite for success. Leaders who like to make things happen, who want to accelerate positive change and grow themselves and others.

My clients include Founders and CEOs, C-suite Level Executives, Directors and Middle Managers and even first-time Team Leaders.

The Full Span Leadership Coaching Method

The Full Span Leadership Coaching Method is customized to your professional goals. Here are examples of the outcomes my clients have achieved through coaching:

  • Better able to give direct and critical feedback to people, while maintaining good relationships and team morale
  • Knowing when to dive in and when to delegate or defer, so I’m busy doing the right things.
  • Building trust with a team I inherited, quickly, so we can work through significant changes together.
  • Figuring out how my new expanded role requires me to lead, at a time when my own boss is too busy to coach me.
  • Supporting a technical team when I don’t understand their work
  • Improving morale in a team whose employee satisfaction scores are trending downward

My clients work in industries as diverse as healthcare, high tech, financial services, sales and marketing, manufacturing, service-delivery. They’re Founders and CEOs, C-suite Level Executives, Directors and Middle Managers and even first-time Team Leaders.

What’s Involved in Full Span Leadership Coaching

6-12 months

Download the Full Span Leadership Coaching Process (pdf) for later.

  • 1st month: 2 sessions (1.5 hours each) to get acquainted and set the focus of your coaching program and agree on your development goals and success measures.
    • May include an Assessment tool (i.e. MBTI, EQi, Leadership Agility, your firm’s 360 feedback reports etc.)
    • May include Input from immediate supervisor and other important stakeholders (at start or mid-way through program)
  • Subsequent Months:  We meet via Skype, Zoom or phone for 1 hour coaching sessions every 2-3 weeks
    • Each meeting we design new “habits” for real-life change practice and we debrief “real life” situations for learning
  • Wrap Up/Close meeting to evaluate your progress and set go-forward goals

Ready to talk?

Let’s schedule a free “good fit” interview. Together we will decide if Full Span Coaching is right for you.

What will Leadership Coaching do for me?

Within any industry, at any level of power and authority, your customized Full Span coaching program will:

  • Accelerate your personal growth in areas you care most about
  • Give you fresh perspectives and options on how to lead
  • Support you as you take risks and try new, more effective behaviours
  • Embody the intentions you carry about great leadership
  • You will be a more adaptable, more agile leader!