In Workplace Communications, Being Direct is Kind     

You’re sitting in front of an employee whose negative outlook and constant complaining is making it difficult for others to work with him. Or, a colleague has just sent you a note saying that unfortunately, no one on his team has time to participate in your strategic cross-functional project team. Your boss tells you, with great excitement, that she’s made an unrealistic promise to a significant client, and now she’s depending on you to make it happen.

In all these cases you’re faced with a dilemma: How do you tell the other person your side of the story without alienating them or damaging the relationship – and perhaps your career?

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Is Retaining Millennials Possible ?

Employee turnover is the greatest issue facing HR I read today. Leaders say, forget retention, millennials are on the move, they don’t want to stay for more than a few years, we must expect that. The people under 40 that I know say: We don’t want to move all the time, we have no choice. Because we are told it’s a great place to work and then realize it’s a sweatshop. Because the pay isn’t there. Because the flat structures mean there are no opportunities offered to us.

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Today’s Leaders Make it Safe to Play

I work and play in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle – Waterloo, Ontario – the home of Blackberry, Open Text, D2L and scores of other innovative and exciting workplaces. The ping-pong tables, all day feasts and pets at work symbolize a conscious intent to create better company cultures –less “command and control” and more playful, open, creative and satisfying. Along these lines, companies are experimenting with their structures too; Flatter, leaner structures, the rise of self-organizing teams and disdain for anything that feels like hierarchy.

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Reading to know

Be a Leader Who is In the Know

Imagine that an important newspaper in your community interviews ex-employees and writes an unflattering piece about your firm. Would you say, when you read it, as the CEO of Amazon said, “I don’t recognize that place?” Would you perhaps think that ex-employees are not a good source of what’s right in the workplace?

Consider this: Everyone’s experience of the workplace is unique and their own. It’s unrealistic – almost comical – to consider that those in the most powerful,

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