Getting back to nature with Easter Eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter EggsThis Easter I decided to try dying Easter eggs naturally.  This was not something that was easy for me. You see, growing up in a family of nine kids, my single Mom was very resourceful. Every year she would colour our Easter eggs by boiling them in onion skins. (She still does this – the grandkids love it.) The trauma for me was when she would send me into the corner store with a paper bag to ask the store owner to fill it with onion skins that had fallen off the 20 lb bags of onions stacked in the store. This was the 70s – in southwestern Ontario. I was mortified.

But given that I am well past that humiliation (do ya think?) I wanted to see what I could do with Easter eggs without the small coloured tablets my own children had enjoyed. Here’s what I got.  Beautiful and edible.

For each I created the “colour water” with ingredients boiled on the stove. Then added one tablespoon of vinegar and boiled the eggs, from room temperature, for 10 minutes.

I tried red cabbage for blue (as advised on other blogs) – although the water was blue,  nothing happened to the eggs! These lovely blue eggs are boiled in blueberry pie filling. Next year I will try straight-up frozen blueberries. The yellow was the spice Tumeric boiled in water. The grey came from beets (also not worth the time and mess). The lovely chestnut brown from red onion skins. (My mom uses cooking onions and hers are more of a yellowy brown – like brown eggs.) I tried Paprika for orange, but got just a few orange speckles on white eggs. Next year I will try cherries or cherry pie filling.

It was fun and I have a great screensaver for Easter.

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  1. I remember your Mom’s coloured eggs very well. One year, when we were all grown up, Maurice and I were going to Florida and were going to see Amber. Your mom insisted that we take a box of coloured eggs for Amber. I carried them over the border and onto a plane . . . the trip was longer than expected and Maurice and I sat on a curb in West Palm Beach waiting for a bus and eating coloured Easter eggs from Canada.

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