Grocery bags from Home Depot

Just what constituents the right level of care for the environment? I thought of this with the news that my community (Kitchener-Waterloo) may ban the use of plastic grocery bags. I feel I’m a responsible bagger: I pay extra for them at Food Basics so I pack them pretty tight (not well –  but full). I casually re-use them to carry shoes, clothes and other miscellaneous items from place to place (no snobbery in this house.) We put the extras in the recycle bin after the bottom of the sink place gets overcrowded. But what would I do without them?

I think lack of attention to details,  not uncaring, is my biggest problem. I used to compost on the sinkboard. It was too much to remember to take the peelings outside. When winter came, I gave up. Similarly, I tried to move to canvas grocery bags, but I often forgot to put them in the car or to wash them when they got really disgusting. My lack of interest in all things domestic is the problem. So, I guess I am one of those follower- environmentalists who will happily jump on the “mandated” bandwagon. If I can’t use them, than I won’t.

I was at Home Depot last week and they sell lovely bright orange reuseable carry bags for only $1.99. I am going to get some, and use those for groceries. Maybe I’ll be the tipping point and start a new trend. You certainly can’t not notice them!  

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