Group Coaching is an ARIA

I’m facilitating a Coaching Circle – a really diverse group of leaders from different industries and with varied responsibilities. We are talking about how leaders build strong relationships with others. One person in the group uses the new framework with a difficult peer, another in a team meeting, another with their boss, another with their teenager. Suddenly, something that is interesting on the page becomes tangible and real. We feel commonality in our leadership journey.

I love group coaching. It provides the space for individual reflection and also the added benefit of social learning. In a safe space, leaders unpack their experiences in light of new data. Coaching, it’s been said, is a place to examine our actions against our intentions. In the structure of a group, we can accelerate our self-awareness and also discover new ways of being effective leaders. When we make a commitment publicly, it helps propel us to action.

I’ve begun to describe group coaching as an “ARIA”.  From music, aria is defined as: “an elaborate melody, sung solo, with accompaniment.”  The acronym I’m using is:  Awareness, Reflection, Intention, Accountability. Each meeting is structured to move through ARIA.

I’m ready to run another coaching circle – live or virtually! Let me know if you’d like to join in.

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