How far-fetched is it?

I’m trying to write my monthly newsletter on workplace learning. Then it occurs to me that there is little room for learning in most workplaces. Instead, the pressure is on to perform at all times – to get it right, to do it fast, and to keep on keeping on. Ok, if you are a new hire you may get a grace period of 3 months – if that. And certainly no grace period if you are hired at a supervisory level or above. Experiments are only allowed in pilot projects. And most pilot projects are not actually learning experiments anyway. They are a way to deal with “We can’t get enough management support or money to roll this out across the board, so let’s PILOT it and see how it goes.” 10 to 1 the pilot is rolled out later with little or no changes.

Learning takes time. Learning takes errors. Learning takes pain. Learning takes a lot of support from others. Learning takes humility.

How many of these are in supply where you work? Our culture of success is keeping us stuck in the old way of doing things. It is killing creativity.

Imagine customers that forgive mistakes – because they are made in the interest of bettering things for that customer. It could happen. It does happen. But only in businesses where the relationship with the customer is genuine and mutually respectful.

Maybe its a bad topic for a newsletter….I’ll think more on it. 

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