What Clients Say About Working with Jill

“Jill and I had open discussion of the issues and challenges I faced, but it didn’t end there. At the end of each session, we would agree on exercises that I could work on. I like the Integral Coaching structure of theory followed by practical application. There was a plan that helped us to stay focused, and at the same time it was flexible enough that if a new revelation arose, we adjusted accordingly.”

“The greatest impact of the Coaching with Jill came from her ability to see me as I am and to quickly zero in on what needed to be done. If you are looking for a Leadership Coach, jump on the occasion to work with Jill Malleck: She is very knowledgeable, has good judgment and – while accepting you where you are – will help you find a way to a better you. Expect to do the work and see lasting results.”

“Working with Jill was a challenging and powerful portion of my journey. I enjoyed her presence, level of engagement and challenge. She is an extraordinary, masterful and empathetic coach.”

“Jill was absolutely fantastic! I learned so much from her and she was really supportive while letting me struggle a bit where she knew I was skilled and could stretch. I could not have grown without her! She is awesome!”

“Jill and associates provided skilled involvement in our change management work. Over an 18 month period we established a shared vision, values and key processes to lead the organization and business forward. They worked with us in a way that personal development and learning are now embedded in our yearly leadership meetings. Through Jill’s work with our HR director these same leadership vision and values are built into HR processes and engage all employees in contributing to our organization.”

“Jill is a terrific coach! She is very insightful, constructive, supportive, challenging in a good way and has a great deal of relevant experience working with leaders. Her experience is invaluable as she has provided me with many helpful tools and suggestions that have helped me improve as a leader. I highly recommend Jill for Leadership Coaching.”