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Management Training, Leadership Workshops & Soft Skills Training

Do you have leadership training gaps that could use targeted attention?

Jill Malleck, lead workshop facilitator at Epiphany at Work is a skilled and experienced trainer, facilitator and public speaker with a focus on human workplace behaviours, leadership, interpersonal (soft) skills and Human Resources. Jill works extensively with businesses and leaders in Greater Toronto and the Waterloo Region.

Do you have an upcoming meeting or retreat that requires leadership development content?

Jill has delivered customized learning programs from one hour workshops to 2 day retreats and training events. Once learning objectives are clearly identified, using a consultative approach, Jill will use her deep communication and Human Resources experience to build a training session that is right for the participants.

Jill considers each learning event to be an opportunity to provide Leadership Coaching. Her interactive style, curiousity and humour combine to keep groups energized and engaged.  Each session is experiential.  Jill facilitates dialogue and discussions to help groups make the theory relevant and find practical ways to apply their insights.

Contact Jill to speak to her about your workplace needs. 

Sample Workshops

    • The Management of Organizational Conflict
    • Coaching Conversations
    • Manager as Coach/The Practical Coach
    • Facilitative Leadership
    • Dealing with Increased Work Demands
    • Building a Strong Team
    • Re-energizing Your Team
    • Creating Better Performance Objectives
    • How to Conduct Performance Appraisal Meetings
    • The Role of the HR business partner
    • Internal Branding and Employee Engagement
    • Internal Branding and Employee Engagement

Professional Facilitation

The choice to hire an external facilitator is worth consideration whenever you have an important conversation that may be derailed by group dynamics. Often it is important to have everyone inside the meeting focused on participation, and a facilitator who manages the process, time and note-taking allows that. Skilled facilitators from Epiphany at Work can make your meetings, from 5 – 300, work by

  • bringing process leadership
  • agenda planning and design
  • professional facilitation, including timekeeping and note-taking
  • final reports on meeting outcomes

Here are some examples of when clients have used Epiphany at Work facilitators to design and run  meetings:

  • Strategic planning or strategic re-focus
  • Operationalizing a strategic level (unit level planning meetings)
  • Business retreats with complicated agendas
  • Forums or group discussion on contentious or divisive issues
  • Focus groups ; stakeholder groups; client groups
  • Creating joint agreements/partnerships/alliances

Is there a conference you are planning that lacks a non-technical speaker?

Let’s talk confidentially about your learning needs.  We also invite Requests for Proposals – please contact us

Where We Work

Most of our coaching clients are in Greater Toronto and the Waterloo Region. Still, the beauty of the web and ease of travel means we can support leaders across Canada and worldwide. You can meet some of Epiphany’s clients here.