My love and hatred for Tim Horton’s

Like most people in my part of the world, I’m addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. And there begins the love/hate relationship. How can I love an organization that has me addicted to their product? (Someone told me they put chicory or something in the coffee and make it irreplaceable.) Now that I’m addicted, I drive by the red signature sign and I automatically put on my blinker and pull in. How dare they addict me, and then addict everyone else! The line ups are ridiculous on the way to work. Granted, they are fast, but not as fast as before sandwiches. I say 2 lines – one for coffee addicts, and one for food.

There’s another reason I hate them: They don’t train their staff to put the lid on correctly. It’s uncanny how many times the sippy hole is right over the seam of the cup. Come on – I think the kids who work there do it on purpose as a joke! There is only one seam – how hard can it be to miss it! Try changing that when you are driving. Yes, I have sensitive lips.

One more reason to hate those who we love. I noticed this weekend when I was biking in the country, in the wilderness, that the only garbage I saw on the roadside was from Tim Horton’s. Now, I know that Tim Horton’s per se does not litter. And that they sell takeout mugs and everything. But, they have addicted so many people that we are seeing more and more of their garbage. The coffee only tastes good in cardboard. Most people who are eating in get it in take-out cups. Go figure.

The final straw – well, OK not final, I still go there, but relunctantly and with a smack to my own weak self – is the “TV screens” they put up a while back. When they first came out I couldn’t believe it. How could a good Canadian company – with some of the best, most emotional homespun TV commercials going (but not quite up to the Canadian Tire “pull the bike out of the back of the truck” commercial) decide to be so cheesy and so forward? Talk about taking advantage. You’re waiting in their long lineups, or sitting captive in the drive through, and they start throwing videos of chocolatey donuts and ice caps and stuff at you. A kid I know who worked there confirmed what I guessed: He said market research had shown an increase of about 30% in sales when the screens went in pilot sites. Are we dumb or what? Of course we are.  

But I do love Tim Horton’s. I bought one of their speedo coffee makers for home and although it doesn’t come close to the instore stuff, I use it and love it. One more thing I love – the Coconut Cream donuts that so far I have only found in one location. Wingham, Ontario. Let me know if you find them anywhere else.

3 thoughts on “My love and hatred for Tim Horton’s

  1. Do you suppose “The Donut” on LL has a TV screen? The Saucer? How are they making it without all this corporate mumbo jumbo? BTW-Tim Horton’s has not been a Canadian company since Wendy came along a few years back.
    cya soon.

  2. You’re right, I remember one of the kids did a project on TH and we were disappointed to learn that (but you gotta love Dave Thompson). I should have said “a great Canadian icon. The Donut had all the bikers and kids in pjs running around the parking lot (oh wait, that would have been me). And the Flying Saucer will never need screens. My kids just love going there for the saucer fries…You know what I miss? Broasted Chicken. I think next time we find ourselves in the Falls that’s what I’m having for lunch.

  3. I just created a FaceBook group to lament the locating of our lids squarely over the seam of our disposable cups — thank you for your support!

    The group is called “It just seams so wrong!” — it’s open for anyone to join…

    Geoff Peters

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