Within 50 km of the Falls

Within 50 km of the Falls

The buttons appear, ready to be pushed

My skin gets itchy and stretches to its thinnest

So that the slightest jab will hurt

Or even just being in the same room with the air that they breathe

 Will sting my eyes

When I’m mad, I keep my height

Instead of shrinking to the height of a 10 year old

Whose straight As meant nothing in a house full of chores

Because you can’t learn anything from a book

Especially about living in the Falls

I’m 5 foot 5 in Kitchener

And seldom scowl, unless the sun is shining in my eyes

But as I fly past the Welland Canal

Wishing I was a ship passing in the night

I shrink and clench the wheel and feel a temper tantrum coming on

If Radar Love comes on the radio, I think I will scream.

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