New New Years Resolutions

We’ve all read the dismal statistics on the failure rate of keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. Want a change? Here’s some suggestions:

1. Create a New Habit for 2017: A habit must have these elements to be sustainable – be a specific actionable behaviour that you can fit into your every day life. A good way to build a new habit is to replace an old habit, and to use the “I used to do this” moment as the trigger to do the new behaviour.
2. Take a monthly Sabbatical: Book a few hours or a whole day each month. What do people do on Sabbatical? Some go to a retreat (can be your locked-bathroom!) and reflect on their lives, their work. Others learn something new – read a whole book or take a webinar. Some build or create something. Others get much needed restorative time – sleeping or being active.
3. Pick a Word-of-the-Year: Usually when you decide to do this, a word becomes obvious. It might jump out at you from something you read, a crossword or a sign even. The word is something that you are going to contemplate, study, research and use. Often words have multiple, diverse meanings which are fun to explore. In 2016 my word was “content”.
4. Write a letter to one-year older self: This letter can take any form, but you open it next New Year’s Day. Perhaps you will reflect on 2017 first, and then write a letter about what you’d hope and wish for yourself this year. Put it somewhere safe and be sure to remind your calendar to fetch it next year!

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