Living Your Life’s Experience

runningYou, like me, may have decided that 2012 is the year that you will pay attention to your life experience – not to what you are doing right or wrong, but to the idea that you can claim your life and by doing so, get more real about you.

I began last year by practicing using my Upper Left Quadrant (for Wilber followers) and turning my attention inward instead of always on the client or the system. 

Here is my updated set of reflection questions which I am using to ensure I acknowledge what I am living. 

1. What did my physical body learn today? A new way to move, or a new form of stillness? Are there subtle ways in which I am more aware of my physical strengths, and my limitations? How restored is my energy? 

2. What did I do differently today? What new thoughts did I have? Is there a new skill I have tested, or a piece of knowledge that I grasped or applied in a different way? Did I drop some thinking that wasn’t useful anymore?

3.  Who did I meet today? Who did I connect with in a fresh way? What communities did I find myself in? Who were my teachers? Who did I teach?

4. How did my soul or spirit manifest?  What was I able to freely express?