Organization Development Projects

“The essence of culture is the jointly learned values and beliefs that work so well that they become taken for granted and non-negotiable.”

Edgar H. Schein

Leaders plan and implement change; their behavior institutionalizes culture. A resilient and adaptable culture accelerates positive change.

Call it “the way we work around here” – Culture is the invisible glue that holds together all your business activity, or the invisible iceberg that sinks all efforts. Resilient organizations – those that survive VUCA (volatile, unpredictable, constant and ambiguous) change, have an adaptable culture.

Organization Development is the field of planned interventions to support healthy and adaptable working systems to under gird all human effort. OD includes projects that address:

  • Your customer experience initiatives are suffering as employees say: “how about improving our experience of working here?”
  • A new product has some departments excited, and some at odds with how to support it.
  • The Mission and Values are posted in every meeting room, and largely ignored.
  • Your annual Employee Engagement Survey is creating cynicism and participation rates are dropping.
  • Shareholders have noticed that employees are griping anonymously on social media, although the company has an “open door” communication policy.
  • Leaders tend to be promoted from subject matter expert, and they rely on their technical knowledge to lead. Employees feel micro-managed and disempowered.

Possible Interventions During Change (pdf)

With my support, you can build an adaptable, resilient OD intervention that accelerates positive change.

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