Epiphany at Work: Change Management Consulting

Epiphany at Work accelerates positive workplace change


Helping leaders Create & Initiate Change

Leaders are responsible for building the capacity and capability of their organization through a people strategy.

That means initiating change that may or may not be welcomed by others.

When would you need a Change Management or OD Consultant?

Change is hard and sometimes you need more creative energy and experience than what is at hand.
How do you decide what interventions make sense for your objectives?
Is there a HR best-practice that would help your organization to succeed?
How can you get traction and sustain movement toward a desired future?

Epiphany at Work will partner with you so your change is implemented on time, on budget and in a way that makes a sustainable difference to your organization.

If your leadership includes creating change in your team, or if you need help responding to changes that are impacting you, I can help retain or increase your capacity to meet your mandate. Here are some examples of recent client change work :

  • Employee engagement and branding strategies
  • Organization Reviews (structure, mandates)
  • Re-organizations and job design
  • Conducting or Responding to employee/leader surveys
  • Developing HR strategy or re-launching HR programs
  • Leadership development models and programs

What you can achieve with Change Management Consulting

As a business partner, Epiphany at Work follows a process of diagnosis, design and delivery. We offer project support for all three phases or just one. Our diagnostic skills and experience span all layers of interventions, from teams to enterprise-wide.

Epiphany at Work conducts surveys, face-to-face and telephone interviews, focus groups and benchmarking studies to gather the data you need. We design processes and programs to engage the right people in the right way. And we deliver; providing you reports, recommendations, communication strategies, customized tools and templates, or facilitated events that meet specific objectives.

We would love to talk confidentially about your current challenges or a planned change, and how an OD/HR Consultant brings value.  We invite Requests for Proposals too!

Where We Work

Most of our change consulting clients are in Ontario, Canada. Still, the web and travel options has resulted in supporting positive change in organizations across Canada and globally.   You can read a partial list of Epiphany’s clients here.