On small communities and serendipity

If you’ve read about my love/hate of Tim Horton’s you know that the TH in Wingham sells Coconut Creme donuts – and they seem to be the only TH in Ontario that I can find that does. Well, just today my significant other runs into an acquaintance, and they start talking about the boundaries inherent in running a franchise. My hubby said a franchisee is limited as to what they can offer.  “I can give you an example where that isn’t the case,” said the other. “In Wingham, Ontario the Tim Horton’s franchise is the only TH that sells Coconut Creme donuts. It’s their own recipe and they sell them because the owner likes them.”  Imagine his surprise when my hubby revealed that I have a weakness for those very special Coconut Creme donuts and have been wondering for years why I couldn’t find them any closer to home.

Thanks for the info!

One thought on “On small communities and serendipity

  1. I hope that when you hang your shingle in the Wingham area that you serve Coconut Creme donuts at all your functions. I feel a brand building here! Cute story with only about two degrees of separation.

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