Professionalism Redefined

I’m riffing on the term Professionalism because I have noticed an interesting trend. Of all of my blogs, the one about Professionalism Defined is getting the most traffic…Mmh…I wonder if it’s because we are so concerned about image and its impact on our success. Women, and young adult girls especially, learn early about image and how important it is (hello bulimia). Image consultants can tell you how to dress for success and how to talk to the media. Who else remembers the “colours” fad that swept through the “80s telling you what colours looked best on you? (I think I was a Summer – pastels, yuck).

Isn’t professionalism more than a dark suit and correct tie, and knowing what protocols to use when communicating up the corporate ladder. 

Yes.  I think has to do with being serious.


When you take what you do seriously – no matter what it is – you are a professional.

So, you can be a professional scientist and a professional bus driver.

You can be a professional lawyer and a professional aesthetician.

You can be a professional elementary player and a professional football player.

When we are serious about what we do it means this:

– we pay attention while we do it, we’re really “in the moment” 

– we worry about making mistakes, and about doing it well

– we read about it and want to learn all the new stuff that is available about it

– we don’t like if others make fun of it and we go out of our way to help others see the value in it

– we hope we can do it more often so we can get better

– we want to teach others how to do it

Are you a  professional? When was the last time you learned something new about your profession? Who are you mentoring?


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