Shove over, Alice

I said in a previous post that Alice Munroe was my favorite author. And while I am very anxious to read her new book (my bookclub is doing this in December) I have to say – she may be my 2nd favorite author now.

First place goes to Richard Yates – the author of Revolutionary Road and several other novels and short stories. It was RR that first grabbed me. I read it before seeing the movie. His way with words – especially the long passages describing the endless dull monotony of office work – just floored me. Reminded me of Ian McEwan’s The Innocents – a book I devoured because I couldn’t believe the monotony of the tunnel digging sequences. I remember thinking – only a man would like this, and only a man who was an SJ (sensor, judging) preference on Myers Briggs. But I kept at it and that book The Innocents shocked and amazed me. Now Yates is doing the same thing to me – making me read something, for pages, that I would usually toss aside. Brilliant. Intimidating. Classic.

I love Richard Yates stuff. And I notice that a great author, although telling different tales, has his/her own voice in it. McEwan does, Yates does, Munroe does. I read a Richard Yates short story outloud to my friend. It was in a female voice. It was so of his time.

Who will capture my time next? I seem to want to read all of one at a time. I did buy the Rabbit series by John Updike, and already love the first 20 pages. I must read all the Rabbit books since I read Updike’s bio.

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