Stop working and look for the birds

The cool thing about spring is watching the birds. They seem to be everywhere. After a winter that was eerily quiet they are loudly welcoming. I saw a robin grab a piece of paper and fly off with it. Building a nest. I am tempted to put out bits of yarn and string in bright neon colours to brighten up their homes. You might think I am littering. What else would make good nest-building materials.?…bright coloured hair elastics, or the kind with fake hair on them…peacock feathers…cotton balls…coloured tissue paper…all the paper in my shredder.

This week’s newspaper featured a story about an innovative desk that is built to go over a treadmill. Office workers can walk while they work, to cut back on obesity. How about we give people a break, at lunch or mid-day, and encourage them to leave the office altogether and go for a walk outdoors? Research shows that multi-tasking is not more efficient, as your brain has to switch gears and also tell itself that it is switching gears!  Instead of layering on we could compartmentalize. We could expect only work during work. And we could enjoy the spring bird rituals during break. Innovative.

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