MMORPG Players’ Opinions about Leadership

This post is an invitation to complete a short online survey to contribute to a research study which I am undertaking for the completion of the Master (MA) in Leadership program at the University of Guelph.  

This is a study of online gamers – specifically players of MMORPGs – and their views on leadership. Eligible respondents are:

          online gamers who are 18 years or older

          Canadian and American

          have some work experience (paid employment) 

If you fit these criteria, you can provide responses to the survey at this link


If you are not an eligible respondent, but know of someone who is, please forward this invitation to them. The information provided will remain confidential and used only for the purposes of this study. The findings and recommendations will benefit leaders, and those who train them, by contributing to our understanding of followers’ expectations.


If you would like to know the results of this research, findings will be posted at by April 2014.



Mary Jill Malleck ;Student, University of Guelph

[email protected]



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