McSweeney’s is a literary feast

Sometimes I feel like the last person on earth to discover cool stuff.

Last week I was at Chapters and I saw a few hardcover story collections on the sale rack. (It always happens to me at Chapters – I leave with arms-full of discount books. I have two laundry baskets full of books that I want to read.) A quick look through made it obvious these were not just ordinary story collections. Not only was the writing high quality (I read a few random pages) but the design of the books themselves were radical and clever.

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Revolutionary Road

I am reading Revolutionary Road because I like to read the book before I see the movie. Read it. It’s so well written I have to pause between sentences to catch my breath. Richard Yates intimidates me and demoralizes me in terms of ever writing. Then I read his biography, which includes several mental breakdowns, two marriages and setting his apartment on fire and damaging his lungs (he died of emphysema). Now, I’m not so keen to be him. But still, what talent.

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