Leadership Wisdom: Give the Benefit of Your Doubt

We often think that giving the benefit of the doubt is a good habit: It means we assume the best of intentions when others do or say something that we don’t like, or when their actions go against what we’ve agreed to. Team members will often show their loyalty by agreeing in principle to never doubt each others’ best intentions. This is a good habit for those who are quick to criticize, quick to judge intentions as evil,

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McSweeney’s is a literary feast

Sometimes I feel like the last person on earth to discover cool stuff.

Last week I was at Chapters and I saw a few hardcover story collections on the sale rack. (It always happens to me at Chapters – I leave with arms-full of discount books. I have two laundry baskets full of books that I want to read.) A quick look through made it obvious these were not just ordinary story collections. Not only was the writing high quality (I read a few random pages) but the design of the books themselves were radical and clever.

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When your past catches up to you

by Jill Malleck

I had a great experience this week when I received a last minute invite to the 25th anniversary of the local chaper of IABC (International Assn. of Business Communicators). Seemed someone told them I was on the original Board.
Oh my, has 25 years really gone by? Yes, I was young and without children. And those of us in the country were sick of traveling to the big smoke (Toronto) to be part of IABC. Plus, I didn’t want the IABC member in Toronto to take my job when Manulife merged with Dominion Life.

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