The Facilitator as Conscious Sailor

I’m working on a Facilitation Skills course for leaders and thinking hard about how to distill 30 years of experience into a day. My definition of an effective facilitator is “Someone who makes the work of the group easier, through planned and spontaneous interventions.”  I think it captures the aspect of being of service to the group, and the facilitator’s responsibility to bring something important to the table.

A good metaphor comes to mind:  The way of the Conscious Sailor.

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Tips for Leading Virtual Meetings

The trend to working from home is growing, and along with that comes the increase in virtual meetings. At the same time, companies may not be doing enough to give leaders the skills they need to manage a remote team and facilitate these types of meetings. A recent study by Towers Watson said that remote workers want integrity, coaching and clear communication from their managers. Furthermore, the 2013 study said, companies where leaders had training on communicating with dispersed teams are more likely to have an engaged workforce.

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Mindfulness when training

Today I taught a course to 18 adults. This is a course that I can sometimes be bored by – I have taught it many, many times and the topic is one that is very familiar to me. In fact, the last time I taught this course several students gave me low evaluations. This was a shock to my system. I grew up a straight A student and I don’t like to fail (Best or Bust has been my motto). So, I was not actually looking forward to this program or this day.

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