Research Results: What Do Gamers Expect of Workplace Leaders?

In December, 2013 I began a research project to explore what online gamers, specifically those who play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), expect of their leaders at work. Many of you either completed the survey or kindly passed it on to employees who were also gamers. This note is a follow up to share a summary of the results. The full 63-page research paper can be read here: Do MMORPG Players have an Implicit Leadership Theory

The research question that guided my study was “Do MMORPG gamers hold an implicit leadership theory which they carry from the game to the workplace?” The online survey format allowed me to make a within-group comparison,

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How The Future Looks

Lately I have been reading a lot of predictions for 2012. It’s hard not to – everyone from editors to researchers to artists are speculating about trends all over the place. It seems a normal New Year’s diversion – to get ahead of the pack by figuring out what is in store for us. I’ve found that reading an abundance of predictions at once can have quite an impact. For some people it is inspiring and engaging; creating an “I can’t wait to experience that” kind of feeling.

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Top Trends for Leaders to Notice

The inspiration for this month’s Epiphany comes from listening to futurist Anne Lise Kjaer, the closing keynote speaker at this year’s International Coach Federation (ICF) conference. Anne told the delegates about eight key trends to help us understand what is changing in our world. She talked about how the combined impact of these trends will require a different kind of coaching.

I was struck by the similar themes that I read in business and leadership articles. For example, a recent Harvard Business Review’s Working Knowledge had pieces focused on technology,

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