Integral Coaching

4 Steps to Move from Insight to Action

Hint: Being brilliant isn’t enough.

Just knowing how to do something doesn’t mean you can do it. Many brilliant leaders struggle to learn how to embody the traits to which they aspire. Think about the difference between knowing and doing. You can read a book about sailing, sit and watch someone else do it, even practice in a safe harbour – but until you steer the craft safely through a storm you’d hardly call yourself a sailor.

Insight doesn’t equal action.

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Diagonal Leadership Graph

Leadership Development is a Diagonal Journey

Many leaders are right in the middle of their performance management cycle, so we’ve been talking about their development needs.

It’s great to see that leaders are seeking real change: They want more than a script, or a to-do list or a technique. During Coaching, they speak with me about the parts of themselves that get in the way. If they’ve been blindsided by criticism, they might want to become more self-aware. If they are self-aware, they may be frustrated by how hard it is to change.

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Proud to be ICF accredited as PCC

The Importance of Being An Accredited Coach

As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) I am proud to have received my updated credentials. Since 2009 I have been a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) , and recently was granted the PCC designation for another 3 years, based on my ongoing development and work with clients.

The PCC requirements are: 125 hours of specific coaching training; 10 or more hours with a Mentor Coach; 750 plus hours of client coaching and references from master coaches.

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