Is Retaining Millennials Possible ?

Employee turnover is the greatest issue facing HR I read today. Leaders say, forget retention, millennials are on the move, they don’t want to stay for more than a few years, we must expect that. The people under 40 that I know say: We don’t want to move all the time, we have no choice. Because we are told it’s a great place to work and then realize it’s a sweatshop. Because the pay isn’t there. Because the flat structures mean there are no opportunities offered to us.

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Research Results: What Do Gamers Expect of Workplace Leaders?

In December, 2013 I began a research project to explore what online gamers, specifically those who play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), expect of their leaders at work. Many of you either completed the survey or kindly passed it on to employees who were also gamers. This note is a follow up to share a summary of the results. The full 63-page research paper can be read here: Do MMORPG Players have an Implicit Leadership Theory

The research question that guided my study was “Do MMORPG gamers hold an implicit leadership theory which they carry from the game to the workplace?” The online survey format allowed me to make a within-group comparison,

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