Want Leadership Presence? Inhabit Your Body

I’m coaching several youngish brilliant leaders who are passionate about their work. They suddenly find themselves with a great level of responsibility, sitting across the table from more experienced leaders in high-stakes conversations. To me, their Coach, they express a desire for more leadership presence. “I want people to trust me, to see that I’m solid.”  “I’d like my opinion to be taken seriously and carry weight, while still having fun with the challenges.”

The word presence is a good one.

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Mindfulness when training

Today I taught a course to 18 adults. This is a course that I can sometimes be bored by – I have taught it many, many times and the topic is one that is very familiar to me. In fact, the last time I taught this course several students gave me low evaluations. This was a shock to my system. I grew up a straight A student and I don’t like to fail (Best or Bust has been my motto). So, I was not actually looking forward to this program or this day.

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