How to get Unstuck on Something that Matters

As a Coach, I’m most often working with clients on getting unstuck. As a person, I get stuck too. Recently I made headway on something important to me. It was a visceral reminder of the steps that we can take to make progress on even the most difficult changes.

All my life, I’ve wanted to write fiction. As a child, stories had flowed from my hand. Then, for a myriad of reasons (some material, most unconscious) I gave it up.

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How to Move to Action

The first month of the year seems like a good time to write about action. Especially if you’ve been off on holidays, you can feel overwhelmed. We all have more to do than we have time for, and for some reason in January we can feel sluggish about tackling the load.

Recently I was at a Nordic-inspired wellness centre, which featured cold plunge pools beside hot baths and saunas. I wanted to try them – a new experience for me. A friend saw me hesitating as I neared the steps of the frigid water.

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