strategic planning

Strategy Ladder = bridge between sweat and dreams

A lot of clients are in the thick of it – scaling up, in growth or shrink mode, or implementing major projects. As leaders and I unpack their experience, we’re noticing a blue space in between the work on the ground and the eyes on the sky.

On the ground, a focus on day-to-day operational excellence, getting stuff done and doing it better and faster. Great operational plans that are flexible and intelligent responses to success and failure. Focus on customer satisfaction,

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The Facilitator as Conscious Sailor

I’m working on a Facilitation Skills course for leaders and thinking hard about how to distill 30 years of experience into a day. My definition of an effective facilitator is “Someone who makes the work of the group easier, through planned and spontaneous interventions.”  I think it captures the aspect of being of service to the group, and the facilitator’s responsibility to bring something important to the table.

A good metaphor comes to mind:  The way of the Conscious Sailor.

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