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Widen your perspective: Take Puppy Breaks

Here’s what happened when I babysat a puppy lately. First, I learned to get my electric cords off the floor or risk them chewed right through! But the real lesson was in setting an alarm so I could take him outside.

Each hour my alarm sent me outside with the puppy for a few minutes. I didn’t take my phone because I had to watch to see if he “did his business”.

Here’s what I noticed:

  • The hours went by fast and soon I worked a little harder to be productive before the next alarm went
  • I sometimes stayed outside longer than puppy needed to – appreciating the fresh air and change of scenery
  • I stood more and sat less,

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How Much Time Should You Spend on Work?

How much should you work?
By Jill Malleck, OD Consultant & Coach (February 2007)

Finding the perfect balance between work and life continues to elude us. You don’t have to search far to find studies showcasing the negative health impacts of working too much. Still, successful and well-regarded companies expect to see results faster and faster. Dedicated employees are taking their laptops home, reading their mobiles at dinner and finishing projects on the weekends. And, the question about what constitutes the right amount of work creates organizational stress.

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