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Raise expectations by talking, not by texts

I’m coaching a leader who feels he’s become a nag. His team is dispersed across the globe, but even those located in the same building rarely see him because of travel. A group of dedicated professionals, they are intent on doing good work. Still, he finds that deadlines are missed, and output doesn’t meet his quality standards. He doesn’t want to be a micro-manager – he hates that idea – but he’s at a loss for how to change it up.

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Tips for Leading Virtual Meetings

The trend to working from home is growing, and along with that comes the increase in virtual meetings. At the same time, companies may not be doing enough to give leaders the skills they need to manage a remote team and facilitate these types of meetings. A recent study by Towers Watson said that remote workers want integrity, coaching and clear communication from their managers. Furthermore, the 2013 study said, companies where leaders had training on communicating with dispersed teams are more likely to have an engaged workforce.

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