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Not the time for team building activities

The word team has been stolen from sports to become the label we apply to most all work groups. And when our work team acts in un-sportsmanlike ways, we are eager to provide a quick fix – whether it’s outdoor team building exercises, an off-site meeting or an evening at a local pub. Yet we discover that team building events, no matter how well intended,  doesn’t always work. Perhaps it’s not the time for team building.

Could it be that today’s popular T.V.

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How The Future Looks

Lately I have been reading a lot of predictions for 2012. It’s hard not to – everyone from editors to researchers to artists are speculating about trends all over the place. It seems a normal New Year’s diversion – to get ahead of the pack by figuring out what is in store for us. I’ve found that reading an abundance of predictions at once can have quite an impact. For some people it is inspiring and engaging; creating an “I can’t wait to experience that” kind of feeling.

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Professionally Dealing with Life’s Distractions

Let’s face it – sometimes work gets in the way of life.  Or vice versa, depending on how you look at it.  Even the most organized and well-balanced people will face unexpected and unwelcome distractions from work. Whether it’s a crisis like an injured loved-one, a child’s struggle with schoolwork or a flooded basement – or a more positive distraction like getting married or falling in love – eventually life is going to interrupt your concentration.  What works for one, won’t work for all – but here are a dozen suggestions for you (or for you as the leader of a distracted employee) that you can use to help keep things on-track:

  1. Don’t deny you are distracted. 

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