Research Results: What Do Gamers Expect of Workplace Leaders?

In December, 2013 I began a research project to explore what online gamers, specifically those who play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), expect of their leaders at work. Many of you either completed the survey or kindly passed it on to employees who were also gamers. This note is a follow up to share a summary of the results. The full 63-page research paper can be read here: Do MMORPG Players have an Implicit Leadership Theory

The research question that guided my study was “Do MMORPG gamers hold an implicit leadership theory which they carry from the game to the workplace?” The online survey format allowed me to make a within-group comparison,

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Leaders, Let Your People Learn at Work

Research tells us that people are more satisfied at work when they are able to do tasks or projects that are interesting and challenging. We know that not all work is inherently interesting, and also that once you have mastered a job it can become boring or less satisfying. In many cases, people don’t just expect interesting work.  Talented employees also want an opportunity to grow their skills, knowledge and abilities – to improve themselves while improving your bottom line.

Google answers this expectation by giving its employees 20 percent of their work time to work on whatever they want.

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Not the time for team building activities

The word team has been stolen from sports to become the label we apply to most all work groups. And when our work team acts in un-sportsmanlike ways, we are eager to provide a quick fix – whether it’s outdoor team building exercises, an off-site meeting or an evening at a local pub. Yet we discover that team building events, no matter how well intended,  doesn’t always work. Perhaps it’s not the time for team building.

Could it be that today’s popular T.V.

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Building Trust at Work – It’s not as easy as it looks.

Lately I’ve been hearing about the significant role of trust in the workplace: People follow leaders that they trust. High-performing teams trust each other.  New-comers must quickly spot allies and enemies – so they know who to trust.

Trust is one of those slippery conceptual words that evokes all kinds of emotional reactions. I think that’s because so many people carry personal stories of work place pain and betrayal. What is more insulting than to say someone “can’t be trusted”?  If you are gossiping,

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Professionally Dealing with Life’s Distractions

Let’s face it – sometimes work gets in the way of life.  Or vice versa, depending on how you look at it.  Even the most organized and well-balanced people will face unexpected and unwelcome distractions from work. Whether it’s a crisis like an injured loved-one, a child’s struggle with schoolwork or a flooded basement – or a more positive distraction like getting married or falling in love – eventually life is going to interrupt your concentration.  What works for one, won’t work for all – but here are a dozen suggestions for you (or for you as the leader of a distracted employee) that you can use to help keep things on-track:

  1. Don’t deny you are distracted. 

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