Integral Coaching™ | Coaching for Team Building


Epiphany at Work builds teams with Integral Coaching© – an alternative approach to traditional team building. We work with clients in Greater Toronto and the Waterloo Region.  But the beauty of the web and travel options make it easy for us to support clients across Canada and world-wide.  Contact us.

Team Building with the Integral Coach

The Team Coach assesses the Current State of a team, and helps them to identify a compelling Future State that creates energy for change.

Together, the team and the Team Coach set the scope of the coaching program.

Through regular “Team Coaching Sessions” (usually one a month) team members learn together and try new behaviours, processes and practices.

Between the team coaching meetings, all members engage in practices and homework to apply their learning to the “real world of work.” The Coach facilitates team meetings to debrief their experience and helps to plan ways to embed the Future State.

Team Coaching includes some individual coaching

In conjunction with the Team Coaching there is the opportunity for some or all of the team members to receive personal Integral Coaching©.

This means each team member will develop specific and targeted leadership capabilities that will also impact on the overall development of the group.

Integral Coaching for Teams is different from traditional “teambuilding” because it is not an event-based process, nor does it happen outside the context of every day work and business challenges.

Instead it is based on human and systems development theory about what it takes to change behaviours and to sustain the change. When the team being coached includes the Executive Leadership Team, their collective development has a profound positive impact on the culture of the organization.

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