Full Span Team Coaching

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Every high performance team works on themselves and their work.

It’d be great if every room full of brilliant, committed and hardworking people instantly became high-performance teams. You know that isn’t true.

Teamwork takes effort and attention on the complex dynamics and relational challenges of a human system, such as:

  • The competition is heating up and deadlines are getting crunched to beat the heat. Team tempers are flaring and communication is getting brisker.
  • A few of the most productive, technical experts have created a smaller “in group” and now exclude the rest of the team from their discussions
  • A team that’s been self-directed for a year has been told you will be their manager, and you must forge a role that has value and meaning
  • Everyone on the team is focused on their objectives and they don’t see how they are connected or why they should work together.
  • Two departments have merged and there is underlying resentment and politicking around resourcing and prioritizing different mandates.

Full Span Team Coaching focuses directly on building the collective competencies you need to meet your goals – including

  • Assessment of team capacities, strengths and limitations
  • Co-creation of a desired future
  • Facilitate a process of self-awareness and identification with a better future
  • Develop shared habits that create a consistent team culture which all can rely on

This coaching method targets all four quadrants of team experience for customized interventions. We’ll decide where to focus the self-improvement effort, and then co-create new habits that embody change fast and deep.

My team building process is Informed by the work of Katzenbach & Smith, Dave Logan, Daniel Pink, Daniel Goleman, Peter Senge, Kegan & Lahey, Otto Scharmer, Meg Wheatley, Charles Duhigg and countless others in the field of team development and leadership science.

I work with intact and adhoc teams at all levels in all industries. Teambuilding can be a short (1-3 day) intervention or a Full Span Teambuilding process of 6 -12 months. You can view my 6-month Full Span Team Development Map.

Individual Full Span coaching is a great add-on for complimentary personal development of members, before, during or after the team intervention.