The Cellist of Sarajevo

My book club has just read and reviewed this book. We loved it. The author Steven Galloway (we only read Canadian authors) has a way with words to make you feel the isolation of the siege of Sarajevo. We all of us were mortified about the snipers and the lack of water during the war, but more so that we were all alive (we all can recall what we were doing in 1990 and it wasn’t worrying about getting shot) and we didn’t really clue into what was happening. Do you know that World War I was started with an assination of the heir to the Austrian throne in Sarajevo and that their terroists back then were called The Black Hand? 

Anyway, the book is excellent. There is a theme running through of the thawing of the human heart, which when first at risk and scared will become frozen or distant for survival. Music is a big piece of the thaw – and so is love, and kindness, and generosity and just good ole human contact. The music the cellist plays in the book was haunting to us when we found it on youtube. Guess what – its in the movie Schindler’s List. Go figure.

A great read and something you can finish in a few days.

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