The magical highway 407

Since so many people spend so much time complaining, I’m going to balance the vibes in the universe and try to add my share of appreciating.

I love the 407 toll highway. I have a transponder. I take it often – about 2x a week. I usually I get on at Milton and I get off at Brampton or Markham. Twice, I have taken it all the way to the end, near Peterborough.

I call it the “magical highway”. That’s because, when you get on the 407, everything that is bad disappears. There is no bad weather, no police cruisers and no accidents. At least, I have never seen any of these things. How’d they do that? I mean how do they make the winter storm weather disappear. The road is smooth – there is no snow. I feel like when I go up the ramp I am entering a more beautiful place. The finish on the highway is concrete as opposed to asphalt, so it sounds different. And it’s white so it looks cleaner. The traffic moves quickly and there is less of it. I have never crawled on the 407. I have never seen a car in the ditch, a car pulled over or a car being put on a tow truck. All the cars are clean, gleaming in the sun, and moving ahead. If it was the Cars cartoon movie all the cars would have smiles on their bumpers. Herbie would have loved the 407.

If we didn’t have the 407 I would HATE commuting to my workplaces. But, with the 407, I actually don’t mind the drive. Just when it’s slowing down on the 401 and I’m getting squirelly – there is the ramp to the 407.

Thank you to the designers and builders of the 407.

Thank you God for the grace of a toll highway in my vicinity. 

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