The next generation

I’m much too young to be thinking of grandchildren, but it’s certain that I’m old enough to become a grandmother anytime. It’s interesting to imagine what the next generation will be like, and how they will differ from their parents (our kids). Here are some ideas.

I’ve watched in the last 10 years how body mutilation has become no big deal, as kids pierce and stretch more than just their earlobes. (My kids tell me – it’s not body mutilation, it’s art – but I disagree.) Tattoos are as common as dirt. I wonder what that leaves for the grandkids. And then I saw it. My sister has a computer chip installed in her dog’s ear.  Imagine teenagers getting computers imbedded in their hands, or arms, or even in their ears. They could text-message their friends and talk to them without having to carry a cellphone.

The grandkids may decide to be homeschooled – whether their parents agree or not. A computer and a modem and they can be taught from a distance. Even if their parents are at work, I imagine a highschooler could take classes from home. Great for teens that can barely get out of bed before noon. Just stay in your jammies, put the coffee on and start your lesson. Virtual classrooms. Cheaper for the taxpayers as the school buildings don’t need to be heated or maintained. I imagine a bunch of empty school buildings being converted into nursing homes for our aging population (that’s us).

I’m sure a new sports craze is in the works. We have extreme sports and a new emphasis on soccer, baseball, hockey. Perhaps the old-fashioned, gentler games will reappear. Our grandkids at the bowling alley, or playing lawn darts or shuffleboard. Racing segways?

I imagine some of the grandkids will turn their back on technology. Maybe they’ll resent the blogs their parents began when they were still in the womb, and feel too much like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. Maybe they’ll ditch the computers and the cellphones in favour of library books. Maybe they’ll say “if  you want to talk to me, look me in the face. If you want to be my friend, you can’t just sign up on Facebook, you have to actually be my friend.” Maybe their desire to be less like their parents will make them more like us. Won’t that be cool? I can’t wait.

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