Turn off the TV at the Gas Station

Ok, I know I have already ranted about the text-messaging while driving problem, but today I found something else to hate about our technology-mad world. While I was pumping gas, I realized they have installed a monitor on the pumps and I had an actor talking to me during a commercial.

I already told you I am disappointed in the aggressive marketing via gooey donut pictures in the Tim’s drive-thru. Now, I can’t take a moment of peace and quiet while I pump my gas. How discouraging! That few minutes is usually a great time to stretch, look around at fellow human beings, check the weather and generally get out of the fast lane and take a break.

Today I turned my back on the screen and refused to look or listen (or be sold to). Someone told me they once saw a test screen that was reporting weather. That I can live with – particularly in the winter when I’m driving out of town. Give me the forecast, and tell me the road conditions to Toronto. But don’t try to sell me.

Next time I’m going for gas somewhere else. Enough ranting. At least I didn’t complain about the price of the gas.

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