Untethered from technology

Today I found myself out of the house/office without my blackberry. That’s unusual and I certainly didn’t plan it. At first I felt a small piece of anxiety. “What if someone needs to reach me?” Then I realized no one COULD reach me and a feeling of happiness, freedom and “hookey from school” took over. I went to the mall and did some Christmas shopping. I stopped reaching for my pocket or purse every two seconds thinking I felt a vibration or a heard a buzz. I stopped checking for responses to my emails. Instead, I leisurely strolled through the mall. I sampled some great tea at Teaopia. I gave the Salvation Army kettle-watcher some cash and also took time to chat with him (in person!) There was one moment when I faltered. I became indecisive. I didn’t know what colour and what size to buy. I needed external confirmation. I reached for my phone to call my spouse – and it wasn’t there. I thought: if i walk around some more I’ll see someone I know and borrow their phone. No luck. I passed a cell phone kiosk. Could I pretend I was phone-less and sampling phones – and then try one for free and call him. No – that felt sleazy to me. Then I thought perhaps I should get over it. So I went back to the store and I picked it alone. What a powerful feeling.

So I have learned that being without the tether of the BB or the cell phone  feels good. I might want it with me as a security blanket when I’m driving alone  (although I felt pretty secure for the decades leading up to having it) but I’m going to start turning it off. And the next time I go out with aforementioned spouse he can bring his phone and I’ll leave mine at home.

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